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Download sample files of LPB Format

By downloading the sample files of LPB Foramt, you agree to comply with the terms of "Agreement of using the LPB Format sample files".

Download the sample files of LPB Format.

Agreement of using the LPB Format sample files

1. Scope of application

This agreement applies to those who use the LPB Format sample file.

2. Purpose

This sample file is provided free of charge by the JEITA Semiconductor & System Design Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as JEITA SDTC) for the purpose of spreading the LPB Format.

3. Copyright

Unless otherwise specified, the copyright and other intellectual property rights of this sample file are the property of JEITA SDTC.

4. Protection of personal information

Personal information obtained by JEITA SDTC at the time of provision of the LPB Format sample file will be used only for the following purposes and will never be disclosed to third parties.

    • Notice of regarding LPB Format
    • Information for events hosted by JEITA SDTC

5. Disclaimer

JEITA SDTC will not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused by using the LPB Format sample file.

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