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JEITA LPB Format Case Study

Presentation materials

Effect of reduction of design time with using LPB standard format

Example of design with LPB format

As for measuring the effect, LPB-WG designed the sample data with only the exchange of files that are written in standard format LPB. When using LPB standard format, the design implementation time is reduced 61% and waiting time of information was reduced more than 2 weeks compared with the case of conventional communication method (such as information exchange by telephone, mail, Excel files) . (Shown above)

Record the design result exactly and convey the design information to next step.

Board design files written in C language format grows during each pass through the respective process.

adding the infomartion to C-format file

File that is written in C-format will accumulate design results/constraints with proceeding the design process. This file transfer the necessary information quickly and accurately to the next design process.
Put a version number to the file of C-format output from each design process. If you would like to back to the middle of design processes and repeat the various trial, You can manage the design easily with calling the version of the C-format file on the way. (Shown above)

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