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JEITA LPB Format Abstract

LPB Format Abstract

Where is JEITA LPB standard format used?

Figure 1

following five standard formats have been developed,
(1) Project Management (M-Format)
(2) Netlist(N-Format)
(3) Component(C-Format)
(4) Design Rule (R-Format)
(5) Geometry (G-Format)
(6) Glossary

Golden samples(test bench for tool/flow implementation)

Golden sample

Test bench so called 'Golden samples' is provided for EDA tool/flow development, trial run of design flow with using LPB format. Following components are included in 'Golden samples'.

  • SOC including LSI
  • Analog LSI (FKB48) and Ports (SMA)
  • Regulator
  • Crystal (Xtal)
  • PCI-Express Gen.2 port (Edge Finger)
  • Other parts (Resistor, Capacitor and Ferrite bead)

Reference flow

LPB-WG has prepared a reference flow in order to understand how LPB standard format is to be exchanged in the design flow.

Reference flow


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