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LPB Design Kit V2.5 (DesignKit 2018)

The LPB Design Kit is a tool created by Python script. You can get it here.

Syntax Checker (cformat_validate.exe/rformat_validate.exe/mformat_validate.exe)

This tool checks the syntax of LPB format. You can check the syntax and correct errors on this tool.

    • cformat_validate.exe: CFormat Checker
    • rformat_validate.exe: RFormat checker
    • mformat_validate.exe: M format checker

CFormat HUB (C-HUB)   (cformat_hub.exe)

A tool for interfacing CFormat files with EDA tools.

  • Change the footprint defined in CFormat to the form in manufacturing.
  • Change the part name defined in CFormat to internal management code.
  • Convert a simulation model referenced by CFormat into a library for EDA tools (SI-Wave / Sigrity).

GFormat HUB (G-HUB) (gformat_hug.exe)

Some EDA tools generates a GFormat that contains the following problems. GFormat HUB adjusts differences in syntax interpretation for each EDA tool.

  • Place the missing parts on the back side of the PCB.
  • Generate a wiring pattern that does not include terminal coordinates.
  • Make a pins of part without shape.

CFormat Editor (easy_cformat.exe)

This tool creates CFormat from the dimensional information of the part. It supports the following parts shapes.

  • BGA : Ball Grid Array Package
  • QFP : Quad Flat Package
  • SMD : 2-pin surface mounted components

GFormat Editor (easy_gformat.exe)

This tool converts simple shape to GFormat. You can draw the foll

owing shape on this tool and convert it to GFormat. It also has the ability of interface to GemPacakge (Gem Design Technologies) and HyperLynx Fas.

  • Rectangle
  • VIS
  • Pin (port for simulation)

CFormat Generator (cformat_cnv.exe/cformat_gen.exe)

This tool creates CFormat of two terminal's surface mount part from the simulation model such as SPICE , IBIS and S-Parameter. You ca use Excel file to define the basic information of surface mount part and simulation model.


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