LPB Interface Working Group

In the traditional design, LSI, package, and board (hereinafter we call these as LPB) were designed independently. However, with such conventional design methods, it is difficult to optimize the entire system. As a result, it has become impossible to respond to the intensification of international competition in terms of cost and development period.

It is necessary to synchronize the LPB design to optimize the entire system. In order to realize such a design method, we launched the JEITA LPB Interoperable Design Working Group in 2010, and developed a standard for sharing design information (IEC 63055 and IEEE2401-2015). We call this standard the LPB Format.



Our activities

Planning and development of the LPB format

Currently, we are working on version 3.0 format improvements. It will be standardized by IEEE in 2020.

Planning and development of design kit

We are developing a design kit to spread the LPB format by open source project.

Public relations

We are operating the LPB Forum and publishing e-mail magazines to a exchange information with users. The contents of the announcement at the LPB Forum are available on the website at any time.